Childhood Thievery – Part 10

Here we are, the final part to this little webnovella.  I may bookend this with a little epilude (like an epilogue but in keeping with my interludes), but I’m not sure whether it needs it yet.  I don’t think I’m done with Leander Crane though, and once I’ve made some more progress on novel 2 (which I keep putting on hold to do these more immediately gratifying novellas) I may just come back to him.  Or maybe someone new, I’m not sure yet.

Anyway, part 10.

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Childhood Thievery – Interlude

I haven’t really had the time to properly work on the webnovella this week, so this entry isn’t part of the story proper.  This interlude (of which there may be more in the future as and when required) probably won’t be necessary reading to understand the story, but fleshes some things out a bit.  Essentially, it’s a way of me getting away with a shorter update.

Normal service will resume next week I imagine, but until then, enjoy the interlude.

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