Category: Graham Enoch

The Return

The Visitor held out a rotting hand, fingers outstretched. Graham, battered and bloody, did not have the energy left within him to resist. He handed over the remaining eye to the skeletal figure. The Visitor snatched the orb greedily, as though a terrible hunger had … Continue reading The Return


The Descent

His lungs and throat burned with a contemptuous fire as air suddenly forced itself into his body. Graham coughed and spluttered back to life as oxygen filled him with painful speed. He could still feel the hands at his throat, the fingers of The Visitor … Continue reading The Descent

The Spider

Graham liked noon. The feel of the sun being directly overhead soothed him somewhat, like it was a giant fiery guardian watching him from the sky. He almost felt certain that it would save him if another skeletal visitor came knocking on his door. It … Continue reading The Spider