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IKWYDLS – Part 3

Are we liking it so far? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When Horatio turned around, the man he saw behind him threw him off balance. In all honesty, Horatio should have recognised the voice, but even if he had, the image that stood before him now didn't match up … Continue reading IKWYDLS – Part 3


IKWYDLS – Part 2

A friendly joyride in an ambulance. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Even though there was nothing wrong with him, Horatio Ives was not the sort of person to turn down a free ride. The fact that the free ride was in an ambulance didn't really bother him, seeing as … Continue reading IKWYDLS – Part 2

Ives Knows What You Did Last Summer – Part 1

Possibly a new webnovella starting here.  Restarted Novel 2 and have done a small amount of Immediate Justice, but then this came along and started clogging up my brain.  Too hard, so many ideas, not all good. Hopefully this will be, though. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Explosions do … Continue reading Ives Knows What You Did Last Summer – Part 1