OYGYDTOTL – Part 22 -The Finale!

Right, this is it.  I could have stretched this out into two or three more chapters, but I felt that would be unfair.  It doesn't really divide into them anyway, not the way the other parts have, and I just couldn't stop until it was … Continue reading OYGYDTOTL – Part 22 -The Finale!



We're on the home stretch now, I think... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   'Just go away, please. We both know how this goes.' Lord Pyle was not in the best of moods, thanks largely to Haul's cigar, and had decided that directness was the best way to deal … Continue reading OYGYDTOTL – Part 20


Was going to do the second dream, but don't think it's really worthwhile.  Instead I got back on course with OYGYDTOTL.  Part 19, christ!   I wonder how much longer I can keep this going? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Being a drug dealer, Johnson McLeary had a nose … Continue reading OYGYDTOTL – Part 19


There was a delay.  A frog stole my shoes.  Back now.  Read. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ordinarily, people don't erect a stripy deck chair in the middle of the street, crack open a book and smoke a cigar while sat in the rain, but Haul had decided to … Continue reading OYGYDTOTL – Part 17


Most likely you will get one more part before christmas day. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One of the best things about murder scenes, Haul had decided, was that there was very little real work involved for a police officer. That was a lie, of course, but it helped … Continue reading OYGYDTOTL – Part 15


We return to our buddy, Eldred Fie.  It's possible I am introducing too many protagonists (Eldred, Haul, Morris, Kenya), but I don't care.  It's my webnovel - ner ner ner. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The day's work done, Eldred was going home. It was rare that there would … Continue reading OYGYDTOTL – Part 13