I Play a Game and You Get to Watch

I’ve been a bit tied up with university work, which means writing isn’t happening.  Of course, for some reason, I have enough time to play an awful computer game, video it, and comment.  Below are the first two parts.  Enjoy!

You can find part one here, and part two here!

A question to however many of you even read this…

How many of you would be prepared to pay for a hard-copy of the novellas?

I’ve been considering self-publishing for a while, although a viable means has just been pointed out to me by another author’s own investigations.  I’d be wary of publishing a novel I’m submitting to agents though, so I was thinking the novellas would be a better place to start.  They’d be redrafted and polished beforehand, obviously; revised and expanded throughout as they say, and I could probably pop in one of the odd stand-alone stories too.

Not a definite go yet, but just something I was thinking about.  Please provide comment, if you don’t mind.  Need to know whether it would be worthwhile.