Dead Tired

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Millie Thatcher: Ghost Snatcher. Not a name she likes, but an accurate one. The closest thing London has to an on call exorcist, Millie is the gothpunk, burned out, failed wizard you want showing up when things are going bump in the night.

And she’ll only charge you a pint of lager and a cheap cigarette.

London is a haunted city, but now the ghosts are getting a little too proactive. Soulless spirits are stalking people, killing them, and it doesn’t seem to be random. These victims are connected: they all work for the Bane of Whitehall, Kaitlyn van Ives.

When these same ghosts start coming after her, she turns to Millie Thatcher, a failed wizard with a penchant for seeing the dead on their way. Quickly, the young exorcist is dragged into a metaphysical mystery that’s bigger than anything she’s had to deal with so far and may, in fact, change the very nature of death itself.