Let’s do a blog about… Dialogue

I used to think I was bad at dialogue, and maybe I am. Ultimately, you’re judged on your work by the people that read it. Hopefully, you are people who have read my work and if you haven’t, maybe you will.

In either case, I’m going to give you my approach to doing dialogue in prose, because I like to think I’m special and have worked out something very important. And it’s my blog so ner ner nerner ner.

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Red Peace is now available!


Hello you lot! I done a new book!

I’ve been promising a proper Warlocks sequel for ages, and it’s finally here. Jameson Parker, America, Vampires. It’s good. Promise.

You can check out an extract over here if you want. Or go straight to Amazon to get an ebook or print!


Let Me Pitch You… Fantastic Four

I’m of a mind to do some short form stuff, and seeing as I haven’t updated this site for a while because I’m a trash bag carefully sculpted to look like a human, I should probably combine the two.

So, I’m going to give you my pitch on a Fantastic Four film, because nothing I pitch you can be worse than what they’ve actually made.

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Cold Dawn now available!

Well, it *has* been a while since I was last here, hasn’t it? Well, I have a good reason for that, and here it is:



I wrote a sci-fi novel about people who live in giant cities that travel across a frozen planet. It’s also on sale right now, on Amazon, in delicious kindle form right this very second and now also in lovely dead-tree form!

Here are some links for you, if you’re interested.

Kindle UK

Kindle US

Print UK

Print US

Lore and Order is up for Pre-Order

loreSo, here we are then.

After fiddling with the manuscript for far too long, getting the cover drawn up, sending it to agents three separate times, and writing a whole new book in the mean time, Lore and Order is finally ready for you to read.


Right now you can only pre-order the ebook version, but you don’t have long to wait. It’ll launch on the 19th of September, which is also when I’ll open up the print version for purchase. So, if you are one of those chaps or chappettes who prefers your books as a book and not as a file, don’t think I’m leaving you out in the cold this time.

Anyway, this page is going to serve as the basic hub of information for the book. Where and when you can buy it, that sort of thing. It’ll be updated as the days roll by.

So, where to get the book (in order of which version I would prefer you to buy, but feel free to ignore that for your own personal preference):

Amazon Ebook: Here!

Not-Amazon Print: Here!

Amazon Print: This probably won’t be available for ages because of how long it takes to shove this stuff through, but when it is, it’ll be on here too.