The Pariah Club

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All she had to do was deliver an envelope to a rundown Scottish pub and yet, somehow, Millie Thatcher has wound up pressganged into a roaring rampage of revenge that spans centuries, nations, and a fair bit of what she had thought was just mythology.

Becoming “best mates” with a notorious terrorist has to have some perks, but searching for them under all the complications is not going well.

Then again, if she’s being honest with herself, how many other chances is she going to get in life to smack a god right in the teeth?

A bitesize novella that sets the scene for the future of the Warlocks of Whitehall series, PARIAH CLUB continues to expand a world of magic and politics perfect for fans of Hellblazer, The Dresden Files, The Laundry, and other urban fantasy mainstays.

The Warlocks of Whitehall series starts with LORE AND ORDER and continues in RED PEACE and ROB THE CASBAH.