I’m in a library!


I’m in a library! I’m in a library! I’m in a library! I’m in a library! I’m in a library! I’m in a library!


I’m in a library! I’m in a library! I’m in a library! I’m in a library! I’m in a library! I’m in a library!

BieWxnCIQAEdsttA library, I am in one.

BieW6aBIAAALiTiThat is all for today.

Back to work

stolen from invisiblebread.com

stolen from invisiblebread.com

So recently I had a nearly catastrophic computer cock-up, which coincided nicely with me taking a few days off to recharge my creative batteries. With both of those now sorted, I can finally get back to work on SNIDE.

It always feels a bit like a copout to take a few days off writing. I set myself a quota, and when I don’t meet it, it does tend to feel like I’m slacking. Once I get back to work though, that notion is gone. It’s hard to explain, but I can feel a change in the writing, like a great pressure has abated. Once that pressure starts building, so it feels like every word you type is being forced, that’s when you know it’s time to take a breather. Writing, for me, always feels a little like that anyway — usually because I get myself so caught up in jesus, I have so many words left — but when you start running dry it gets so much worse.

But now the reservoirs are full, and I can get back to it.

Also, in other news, I’m holding in my hands right now a printed copy of Lore and Order. It’s the preview copy to make sure it all looks good in book form, and I am pretty happy with the result if I’m honest. Hopefully you will be too, once you can get your hands on it. I’ll have more information about that in the nearish future I should think.

Finally, still planning on doing audiobooks on both Diplomancer and Lore and Order when I get a minute. Reading your own stuff aloud is quite daunting actually, especially with regards to something you wrote so long ago like Diplomancer, just need to psych myself up for that.


Book Covers

diplomancer cover

We all know that we’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, and we all do it anyway. And quite right too – you might not get a completely accurate impression of the book from its cover, but you get an inkling. If, say, it’s done in MS Paint, you can be reasonably assured, for instance, that the author may not have taken the correct care and attention.

Whether this is true or not doesn’t matter, it’s the perception. This is why I like my covers to look good. I couldn’t release Diplomancer without a cover that I thought stood out – which, if statements from many people are to be believed, it does – and the same is true of Lore and Order. The book is ready to go, but it needs the bow atop the package. I’ve got the same guy who did Diplomancer’s cover working on it, and I’m excited to see what he comes up with.

So excited, in fact, that this entire blog post is really just a clandestine way of nagging him.

Diplomancer is going into a library


It’s not necessarily wise to believe everything you are told on twitter, but I’m only little so I don’t have to be wise. When someone says they’re going to put your book in a library, you tend to believe them.

I’m not going to speak for all writers, because that would be daft, but I will say that I hold a library as more or less the ultimate form of acceptance that, yes, you are a proper writer now. I’m very much on the “libraries are good” bandwagon, as you might guess.

The news also came at the perfect time to re-motivate me to work on SNIDE. I’m writing a lot of dialogue right now, and I always find it difficult to want to do that. It is extremely important that dialogue flows well, which tends to mean lots of rewriting as I go, which I am not happy about. My preferred method is to get it all down and then rewrite it at the end.

But, well, if Diplomancer is going to be in a library, I had better get to work on more things to join it. Can’t have it being all lonely on the shelf now, can we?