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I hope you enjoy dipping your toe into the WARLOCKS OF WHITEHALL series. Readers tell me that they love the world and the characters, and for a limited time you can plug the main series onto your eReader at a lovely discount.

Jameson Parker is a turncoat and a coward, at least as far as his fellow wizards think. Now he works for the same government that oppresses his people, bringing in free mages one at a time. The thing is, magic is dangerous and sometimes practitioners need to be held to account by those in the know.

And few people know more than the Dark Lord of Hampshire.

Humberside City is on fire and Whitehall is worried. It’s not just arson, it’s magic, and that means wizards. Angry wizards. Wizards kicking off about the jackboot of Whitehall pressing down on their throat. Today, Jameson Parker gets to wear those jackboots, as much as he may not want to, and he has to find the arsonist before the home office bursts his heart like an overripe tomato.

  • Standard Price: £3.99
  • Special Offer: £2.99
  • Saving: 25%