Something New! – “Plato”

Sometimes, when it’s dark (“when it’s dark”? It’s always dark here) I hear noises. They’re not, like, normal noises. I mean, you get all those spooky noises in places that are always dark, don’t you? They always talk about things going bump in the night, yeah? Do you think they mean that they actually make a bumping noise, or do they just bump into things?

I guess if it’s the latter then it could explain the noises I hear. They don’t really sound like bumps but that doesn’t mean they’re not. I mean, you could technically bump through a window, or a door or something.

The little guys that dance on the wall (is it a wall? I suppose it must be) haven’t dropped by for a few days now. I’m getting lonely in here. The noises don’t normally upset me, I guess it’s all the loneliness. Normally I get the noises and then the little guys come and have a dance and the noises go away. I miss them, the guys and their flickery little light.

I lay awake sometimes (well, not really lay so much as stand) and I wonder where the little guys go. Is there even anywhere to go? Maybe they don’t go anywhere. Maybe they are always here, they just turn off the lights to watch me, but I don’t think so. They’re good people (if they even are people) I think. They probably just go off to have a dance for someone else.

The noises are getting louder. Scraping noises now, like carving a piece of wood maybe. It’s pretty loud now, well, either loud or very close. I can’t tell which it is in the dark, but I hope it’s just very loud. I don’t know why, but there’s something more unsettling about noises being close-by. Puts me all on edge, like there’s little spiders crawling over my skin. Of course, for all I know, there really could be little spiders crawling all over my skin.

Maybe it really is the little guys after all. Maybe they’re going to make up for their tardiness with an extra special dance. That sounds like something they would do. The noises don’t seem quite so scary if I think of it that way.


One thought on “Something New! – “Plato”

  1. For some unknown reason, this brought to mind Clive Barker’s Books of Blood.

    I just tried installing Steam on my work laptop to get onto RPS chat. Computer said no :*(.

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