This isn’t even a story, it’s just a stub so I can remember something I thought up to be used in something else later. Probably.

New York has the same reputation of any big city. Oh, it’s lovely. The people are great. It’s a fine metropolitan area full of culture. But don’t go down this street unless you want to get robbed and killed.

You know, that sort of reputation.

Most people will tell you that as long as you keep an eye on what you’re doing, you’re pretty much safe. But they can’t hear it. The strife. As he walks the streets he can hear it all, from every harsh word to every violent crime. It whirls around in his head constantly. And he ignores it.

He had a destiny once. Despite what he now thinks, he was put on the Earth to do something useful with his life. I had envisioned a world where the sight of his amber eyes shining through the darkness would be a warning. Instead, he just patrols the streets looking for him.

Dephilim. Serves me right for putting faith in a dephilim.


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