I have a mailing list now!

You might have noticed there’s an obnoxious little pop-up on my page now. I’m sorry, but it’s a necessary evil to help inform people of my new mailing list 🙂

I’m not always dilligent at updating my website regularly, as you may have noticed, and I can’t expect you all to pop back in on the off chance I have some cool news to tell you. The mailing list should fix that!

All you have to do is enter your email and you’ll get updates sent to your inbox as and when they happen but, and this is the main thing, only important ones. I won’t spam you with every little short story and little blog I get around to posting (that’s what Twitter is for). No, you’ll only have an email drop into your inbox for special occasions – announcing new books, release dates, giveaways, that sort of thing.

That said, I’m always looking for new ideas. If you have any requests or recommendations for things you’d like to see on the mailing list, let me know and I’ll see if it fits 🙂

Anyway, I hope you sign up. It’ll be fun, I promise.


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