Immediate Justice – the Pitch

I’ve got a new baby on the go now, and it’s mostly because of My Name is Bruce.

MNIB has a majority of rather awful, and clearly spoof, films within it, and I felt like I wanted to do something like that.  This is where Immediate Justice comes into play.  

Immediate Justice is going to be my stab at a deliberately formulaic, cliched, B-Movie style script.  Naturally, the script alone would be a little strange, being as it will be written to be deliberately daft, so I’m going to also include notes from the “producer” and whatnot to liven things up a bit.

Unlike OYGYDTOTL, and the extract from Masquerade I posted here ages ago, I’m probably not going to let you see the script for Immediate Justice until it’s done.  Still, there will be other parts of it, such as the pitch and stuff that will surround the script, that you can have a look at as and when they are done.

Speaking of the pitch – here.  Hopefully it will give you a taste of what Immediate Justice will be.

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