Immediate Justice – the Pitch

I’ve got a new baby on the go now, and it’s mostly because of My Name is Bruce.

MNIB has a majority of rather awful, and clearly spoof, films within it, and I felt like I wanted to do something like that.  This is where Immediate Justice comes into play.  

Immediate Justice is going to be my stab at a deliberately formulaic, cliched, B-Movie style script.  Naturally, the script alone would be a little strange, being as it will be written to be deliberately daft, so I’m going to also include notes from the “producer” and whatnot to liven things up a bit.

Unlike OYGYDTOTL, and the extract from Masquerade I posted here ages ago, I’m probably not going to let you see the script for Immediate Justice until it’s done.  Still, there will be other parts of it, such as the pitch and stuff that will surround the script, that you can have a look at as and when they are done.

Speaking of the pitch – here.  Hopefully it will give you a taste of what Immediate Justice will be.


John Johnson is retired. He’s been retired for almost an entire year now, and he has no intention of giving it up. Yes, he retired young, twenty five, but after the hell he’d seen and the things he’d done anyone else would do the same. John Johnson, part time Sunday soccer coach, ex-navy SEAL Neurosurgeon for the CIA.

It’s a cool August morning, and all John wants to do is get down to the soccer pitch and start training the team. It’s a team of kids, ten and eleven year old whose parents have pushed them into playing sports because they are too old. One or two of them actually want to be there, and these are the ones John intends on training, he has no time for weak-willed pussies.

Fate, however, decides he has no time at all.

As soon as John arrives at the pitch, things go bad. He makes his way onto the pitch and starts to warm up for the training session, but is suddenly distracted by a nearby alarm. Someone is robbing the bank across the road. His training kicks in and he stealthily slides his way to the front door and tackles the robbers as they try to leave. He overpowers them easily, despite their superior fire power, even causing one to shoot himself in the foot with his own shotgun.

The police turn up and John calmly hands over the crooks before returning to the pitch, shrugging off the heroic response from the bank manager. The kids starting turning up and, in the background, a black sedan speeds away.

John returns home, angered at the nerve of such criminals, and receives a phone call. A voice claims that John interrupted a carefully planned operation, and that it won’t be taken lightly. It hangs up and John slams his phone into the wall in anger.

The next day, John is summoned to the bank for a photo opportunity. He rejects the photos, and leaves. He notices his favourite kids playing soccer across from the bank, practising for their big game later that day. As he watches, a black van swerves onto the pitch and drives straight at the kids. John runs towards them, but a man leans out the window and shoots him in the leg. He goes down, and can only watch as the van screeches to a halt and two men jump out and grab the kids.

The van drives off, and the shooter leaves John a calling card. “Crazy” Ivan Yevgelnikov, a terrorist from John’s past is behind the whole thing, and he wants John to stay out of it. This angers John, and he sets out to bring down the Russian and his terrorist empire once and for all.

From here the action proceeds through various locales and nations, culminating in a final showdown at Yevgelnikov’s stronghold, a condemned steel work plant repurposed to fulfil his evil plans. The bank robbery was part of a much bigger crime to create the ultimate in biological weapons, using alien DNA from the Roswell event to create a pathogen so powerful that it could destroy an entire city within an hour.

Ultimately, John in victorious and saves the kids. He returns to training the team, but is approached by his old boss at the CIA. He is presented with pictures of one of Yevgelnikov’s associates escaping the final battle, a small canister in his hand. John’s work is not over.


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