Free Book Giveaway

Hello, you lot.

To celebrate, well, nothing, I’m doing a special competition where three people can win a copy of one of my books. The winners, chosen by me on July 1st, will be able to choose one book each from my catalogue (I have a catalogue, that’s weird).

So, how do you enter? That’s easy: you just need to navigate to the contest tweet on twitter and follow the instructions. Easy peasy.

If this goes well, I want to start doing more giveaways semi-regularly and the best way to keep an eye on when I’m doing this would be to sign up to my newsletter. Basically, free stuff for days to make you remember me – I’m very vain.

Love you all. Please enter.

What does a writer do when he’s not writing?


The answer is that he prepares things he’s already written so you can get to read them!

So while I might currently be in lazy-mode when it comes to finishing off SNIDE, that does mean I can do some stuff with getting Lore and Order ready for you all. Largely, in this case, it means getting the print version all formatted and everything, which is a longer job than it sounds. To be fair, most of the job is waiting to get a prototype in my hands so I can see it for myself and know that it’s ready, but even then, I can’t release it right away. Once that’s all ready, then the real work begins.

And by real work, I mean someone else’s. That’s when all the PR mumbo jumbo can happen. I’m pretty sure it takes longer to put a book out than it does to write the bloody thing, but I’m also sure that it’s well worth it.

I’m pretty excited to see the cover on an actual book too. It’s such a beautiful cover on a screen, it can only be better on a book!