I’m sorely tempted to Alan Smithee this…

Months ago I was plying my (non-sexual) trade around a forum, trying to sell myself as a writer for an amateur game as a means of working on my talent. A chap contacted me to write the story and some of the dialogue for his game, Lone Case 3.

Naturally, I jumped at the chance and wrote the whole story and a selection of the dialogue quite quickly.

It’s just been released.

It’s terrible.

I feel as though he took my hard work, tore it to shreds, and crafted a twisted, mirror-darkly, alternate universe version written by the Terran Empire version of me that can’t spell. Ergh.

If you want to see it you can find the travesty here


One thought on “I’m sorely tempted to Alan Smithee this…

  1. We all have to start somewhere, right? The Leeds Student is much derided for it’s poor presentation, lack of proof reading and the fact that it is censored by the LUU Exec, but that doesn’t mar the fact that I’ve had stuff printed.

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