Ghosts (I’m not quite sure where I want to go with this yet)

Alarms. Lots of alarms.

The computers had all gone down about 15 minutes earlier, and since then the alarms had been sounding non-stop. It was really starting to annoy Monica. She was good at fixing computers, real good, but it’s hard to concentrate with so much noise.

After about 5 minutes she had one of the computers back up, albeit briefly. It died again pretty quickly, but it survived long enough for Monica to see why. Ghosts.

It didn’t come as much of a surprise, the facility was designed to hunt for them after all, but they tended to avoid marching into the mouth of the hunters. One would stray by the facility every now and then and someone would lose a report or two. Good news for hunters too lazy to actually track their prey, bad news for the admin people. If the ghosts were close enough to take out all the computers then something was going down. There was either a lot of ghosts wandering around nearby, or they were in the building, both were unsavoury situations.

Monica was locked in the server room, the doors automatically sealing when the computers died. She wasn’t qualified to open the doors, on account of not being a blowtorch, so had to be content with sitting in the server room. Sure, she could work her ass off trying to fix the computers, but when the ghosts finally left the computers would probably come back online anyway.

There were noises coming from the other side of the door. The hunters seemed pretty active, stomping down the hallways at a lightning pace. Monica guessed some ghosts had probably gotten inside the perimeter. It was a bad idea to design a security system out of technology vulnerable to ghosts, but then she supposed they didn’t know exactly how much ghosts hate computers when it was designed.

There was gunfire outside now. Stupid interns firing silver bullets probably. Those things hadn’t worked properly since Van Helsing’s day. To take a ghost out with a silver bullet now required pinpoint accuracy, through the centre of resonance for the ghost. Shame the centre of resonance is never in the same place. Interns are idiots. They were more likely to kill each other than a ghost. On the plus side they might manage to distract them long enough for the hunters to get their ass in gear…


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