The Routine is in Jeopardy


I might take the day off today.

I have to go to the dentist and have my face drilled which, despite the apparent frequency of this occurrence, I am still not quite used to. Wandering around with a sleepy face kind of makes it hard to focus for me, seeing as I spend the entire time prodding my sleeping face to try and pinpoint the moment feeling comes back.

But this isn’t a blog about dentists, it’s about what all this means for my writing routine.

I’m awful at breaking a routine. Once it is broken, getting back into it can often be damn near impossible. Sometimes, that can be a good thing, but when it comes to working on a book it often means a few weeks of nearly getting to work again before finally smashing through the unseen barrier. SNIDE might even have already been through this once, I can’t remember.

This was why I kept writing last week, even though I felt truly awful and was full of cold, because I didn’t want to break the routine. But there’s feeling awful, and then there is having holes drilled in your face.

So I do this little blog as a reminder to myself that I need to not let the routine stay broken, and get back on things tomorrow. Still need to do 10,000 words this week, even if it means working into the weekend. If I don’t, I might never finish the damn thing.

So close to halfway-ish.


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