Writing the Accent

I want to talk to you about this excerpt from Rowling’s new book. https://twitter.com/NickMDuffy/status/1306273216189665280 There are rules in writing that can, and should, be ignored and broken whenever it is useful to do so. One such rule is that you should never write a character’s … Continue reading Writing the Accent


It was late afternoon when Millicent Thatcher walked into the pub; early enough that the post-work rush had yet to begin. Sallow men lurked in the shadows still, nursing the same pint they had bought when the doors had open – an amber talisman to … Continue reading Barred

A sample

‘We could just leave it, you know.’ Liam didn’t hear him. He was on his belly, his face inches away from the device. He wasn’t about to let the outside world distract him. Edward persisted. ‘We would have walked right past it anyway. It’s not … Continue reading A sample