A Character Writing Thing I did yonks ago.

Character Name: Kraker

Gameplay Role: Engineer/Area Denial – Unique power would be a data bomb that fills the enemy HUD with awful pop-up messages and spam for a moment, affecting their view.

Character Profile: Late 40s, white (although could be any ethnicity), female, Dutch

Character Bio: Kraker started her career as a teen in the 80s, inspired by films and cyberpunk fiction to learn how to break technology for fun and profit. She made a name for herself in the techno-anarchist underground before turning her back on them in her early twenties.

She spent her twenties as a freelance cracker – safes, systems, code, anything and everything – pulling heists and making bank. Then she made the mistake every complacent criminal makes: taking on a target too big for her.

Kraker took on a government on her own, and got caught. They gave her the standard choice – put your skills to work for us, or spend the rest of your life in a dark hole in the ground. She chose the former, and eventually realised that it was the best mistake she ever made. The money wasn’t as good, but it was all the fun with none of the dangers.

Apart from guns.

And bombs.

And orbital lasers.

But hey, no chance of prison. Money or death, no in between.

When her “sentence” was up, she found the first merc group that would have her and started taking contracts. And now she’s found her way to London.

Advisory: I listed her ethnicity as white because that’s how she appears in my head, but there’s really no reason she has to be if another ethnicity would benefit from better representation. As a character, though, the main way I see her being portrayed is with a voice like a female Tom Waits – as if a nest of hard-drinking, hard-fighting crickets had taken up residence in her throat.

20 Character Intro VO Lines:

  1. ‘Let’s ruin someone’s day.’
  2. ‘Would you believe me if I told you I was a Nigerian prince?’
  3. ‘Blowing up inboxes and blowing up people.’
  4. ‘I’m the one you want to avoid.’
  5. ‘I’m not really here, you know.’
  6. ‘Oh, you’re ready?’
  7. *Happily hums an 80s death metal tune*
  8. ‘You get what you pay for.’
  9. ‘Which side am I on today?’
  10. ‘I don’t have the temperament for war. Honest.’
  11. ‘I’m a jerk of all trades.’
  12. ‘I’ll grown on ya, promise.’
  13. ‘Give me five megs of hot RAM and I’ll give you a kingdom.’
  14. ‘I like the weapons you only have to fire once.’
  15. ‘I’ve read all your emails.’
  16. ‘I know all your passwords.’
  17. ‘This contract was paid for by crowdfunding.’
  18. ‘They call it bleeding edge tech for a reason.’
  19. ‘Reason I’m here? Pay’s better than bank heists.’
  20. ‘Crime pays. State sponsored crime pays better.’

10 Primary Ability VO Lines:

  1. ‘The nausea will pass.’
  2. ‘Bespoke migraine, headed your way.’
  3. ‘An eye for an eye.’
  4. ‘Someone’s going to need a pop-up blocker.’
  5. ‘You’re lucky I couldn’t get the rights to an even more annoying track.’
  6. ‘Heads up, darling.’
  7. ‘Weaponised annoyance, activated.’
  8. ‘Like a digital little sister, all up in your shit.’
  9. ‘Like teletext but deadly.’
  10. ‘Getting in your head.’

10 Taunts VO Lines

  1. ‘Even your emails are boring.’
  2. ‘Someone seriously overpaid for you. Right?’
  3. ‘You can’t even kill a slightly drunk middle-aged woman! Ha!’
  4. ‘Having fun? We’ll put a stop to that.’
  5. ‘I’m going to send your browser history to your mum!’
  6. ‘You’re not even worth a proper bit of boasting.’
  7. ‘I’d gloat, but you’re not worth it.’
  8. ‘Please stop being so pathetic, all the laughing is throwing off my aim.’
  9. ‘Oooh, you’re an ugly one, aren’t you?’
  10. ‘You have a face like a smashed vole. It’s uncanny.’

5 “I just disarmed your C4, bad luck” VO Lines

  1. ‘Where’s the boom?’
  2. ‘I bet you wish you’d used a shorter timer now.’
  3. ‘I was so sure that was going to go off in my face.’
  4. ‘Leaving dangerous things like bombs just lying around? Tsk tsk.’
  5. ‘Always the red wire. Amateurs.’

5 “I’ve just been revived” Lines

  1. ‘Just a shock to the system.’
  2. ‘It only hurts the first time.’
  3. ‘Back online. Like a matronly robot.’
  4. ‘You can’t kill the signal.’
  5. ‘I’m going to be plucking lead out of embarrassing places for weeks, now.’

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