Example Text Logs for my Portfolio

Dossier #2

Staff Directive #7751A

Subject: Impending Royal Visit

Greetings everyone.

As your section heads should have made you aware, Her Imperial Highness, Princess Solaria Mesquite, will be arriving at Titan City starport next week. This is an important occasion for Titan City, and as such there are a number of preparations we need to make to ensure the Princess enjoys her brief stay here. The bulk of your personal responsibilities will be handed out in person by your section heads, but the broader strokes will be detailed below for clarity.

Security: There will be a crackdown on any and all illicit activity. We’ve all heard about the Princess’s more radical notions, and we can be sure this will agitate some of the more vocal people on the station. We do not want protests or marches or anything of the sort. Keep things peaceful and quiet.

Hospitality: The Princess’s party have already made arrangements for her stay regarding lodgings, but you will need to be on high alert when it comes to tending to her every whim. I want you to anticipate her needs before she has them. If she orders food, I want it at her door before she has time to close the comm feed. If she wants entertainment, likewise. She should want for nothing, wait for nothing.

Everyone else: Your jobs most likely won’t bring you into contact with the Princess, but there is a chance she will wish for a tour of the starport. If you do happen across her, I trust you will comport yourself with due deference and respect.

You are representatives of Titan City. Everything you do comes back on all of us. I know I can trust you all with this responsibility.

From the desk of Administrator Farouk (dictated but not read)


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