Example Text Logs for my Portfolio

Dossier #1

FAO: All my lads.

From: Ellenbach Voransis

All right, lads and lasses. I know you know your jobs and all, but I’d be a poor leader if I didn’t do any actual leading, so I’m going to get this all down in writing so no-one can plead ignorance when they mess something up. We all remember what happened when Styles tried to pull that old excuse, don’t we?

Things will be heating up around here soon, and that means two things: tighter security and, in turn, more pay for you guys. Provided you do your jobs properly.

That means I want proper radio discipline; you see something weird, you call it in. I know I have been a bit short with people in the past who have cried wolf, but that was before we had to worry about system security breathing down our necks. They cannot be allowed to get inside the base perimeter, this is priority one for you.

Let me make that doubly clear: no-one in or out unless they are accompanied by accredited Consortium personnel.

And to allay any fears, you really are allowed to shoot first and ask questions later. I’d rather you gun down one of our own than let some snoop get inside. That’s how seriously we’re taking this, yes.

Do me proud, kids. I know I can count on you.

E. Voransis


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