“Day 6”

Mission Diary – Pvt. Lance Hoyt

Mission code: 455684-7713-5

Entry #1 – Mission START

Entry to the facility was achieved with little difficulty. The outer doors seemed hesitant to open at first, they were bulging out of their tracks somewhat. It would appear that they had contained an explosion of some sort. We had to cut through them but this didn’t take as long as expected, the bulge in the doors being a good foot thinner than the rest of the door. It’s almost as if the explosion had vaporised a section of the door.

Entry #2 – Mission Time +0.25 hours

There’s a lot of ash everywhere. It’s a bit odd, it’s like the corridor was coated in plants or something. I don’t think this much ash could come from people, unless there were loads of them huddled together. Then again, if they were locked in they could have spent their last moments hammering on the door, see that a lot.

There’s signs of combat all over the place, especially near the storerooms, lot’s of corpses there. Well armed for cancer research. This doesn’t sit right.

Entry #3 – Mission Time +1.00 hours

We got into the storerooms. The computer needed to be reactivated so we could open the doors and that job was left to me. It wasn’t far to the mainframe but there were a few jammed doors that needed to be cut open. The last one, nearest to the mainframe, had some weird black moss on it, not sure what that’s all about. Maybe it’s where all the ash came from?

I found a charred corpse holding some sort of report while on my way back from the mainframe. Seems to be an account of what went on here, I’m sure the captain will love to see this.

Entry #4 – Mission Time +1.50 hours

Captain wants to know what happened to the “subjects” mentioned in the report. He seemed adamant that we find them quickly. From the way he reacted I think he’s heard of this “Y Team” before.

We were split up to search the facility faster. The mission deadline is getting close and we need to be out of here when it runs out. Captain says that bombers won’t wait for a group of soldiers.

Entry #5 – Mission Time +2.25 hours

The captain knows something we don’t. This isn’t a cancer research laboratory gone rogue, this is military. They’re too well armed. I’ve found a whole barracks full of corpses here, armed better than we are. These corpses were different though, no burns. I think the barracks door did a good job of holding off the explosion, it seems to be about as thick as the front doors, which I find interesting. The black moss I saw earlier is in the barracks. The walls are basically plastered in the stuff.

Entry #6 – Mission Time +2.50 hours

Heard the captain on the radio, Padrewski found something in the test chamber, some sort of tentacle. Radio went dead afterwards. I can’t reach anyone now, I think they’re dead. I’m not hanging around to find out, though. Deadline’s almost up.

I found the research report lying in a pool of blood where I last saw the captain. Decided it was worth taking with me, might be useful for working out what the hell happened.

Entry #7 – Mission Time +2.75 hours

I can’t get out. There’s a weird liquid wall blocking the exit. It looks a bit like metal but it moves like water, it’s pretty eerie. I don’t know how thick it is, maybe I can break through it. Can’t be worse than sitting here and getting blown up, or letting whatever killed my squad get me, right?

Entry #8 – Mission Time +3.00 [DEADLINE]

The barrier wasn’t thick at all, managed to push through with ease. Of course now I’m covered in the damn stuff. Can’t seem to get it to come off, but I’ll worry about that later.

The bombers have totally annihilated the facility. Still don’t know what happened in there, but then again, maybe I don’t want to. So long as it’s over I’m happy. They were well-armed down there, though. If they couldn’t stop it with all their tech I’m not sure how effective those bombs will be. Probably better not to dwell on that.


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