“Day 6”

Mission Diary – Pvt. Lance Hoyt

Mission code: 455684-7713-5

Entry #1 – Mission START

Entry to the facility was achieved with little difficulty. The outer doors seemed hesitant to open at first, they were bulging out of their tracks somewhat. It would appear that they had contained an explosion of some sort. We had to cut through them but this didn’t take as long as expected, the bulge in the doors being a good foot thinner than the rest of the door. It’s almost as if the explosion had vaporised a section of the door.

Entry #2 – Mission Time +0.25 hours

There’s a lot of ash everywhere. It’s a bit odd, it’s like the corridor was coated in plants or something. I don’t think this much ash could come from people, unless there were loads of them huddled together. Then again, if they were locked in they could have spent their last moments hammering on the door, see that a lot.

There’s signs of combat all over the place, especially near the storerooms, lot’s of corpses there. Well armed for cancer research. This doesn’t sit right.

Entry #3 – Mission Time +1.00 hours

We got into the storerooms. The computer needed to be reactivated so we could open the doors and that job was left to me. It wasn’t far to the mainframe but there were a few jammed doors that needed to be cut open. The last one, nearest to the mainframe, had some weird black moss on it, not sure what that’s all about. Maybe it’s where all the ash came from?

I found a charred corpse holding some sort of report while on my way back from the mainframe. Seems to be an account of what went on here, I’m sure the captain will love to see this.

Entry #4 – Mission Time +1.50 hours

Captain wants to know what happened to the “subjects” mentioned in the report. He seemed adamant that we find them quickly. From the way he reacted I think he’s heard of this “Y Team” before.

We were split up to search the facility faster. The mission deadline is getting close and we need to be out of here when it runs out. Captain says that bombers won’t wait for a group of soldiers.

Entry #5 – Mission Time +2.25 hours

The captain knows something we don’t. This isn’t a cancer research laboratory gone rogue, this is military. They’re too well armed. I’ve found a whole barracks full of corpses here, armed better than we are. These corpses were different though, no burns. I think the barracks door did a good job of holding off the explosion, it seems to be about as thick as the front doors, which I find interesting. The black moss I saw earlier is in the barracks. The walls are basically plastered in the stuff.

Entry #6 – Mission Time +2.50 hours

Heard the captain on the radio, Padrewski found something in the test chamber, some sort of tentacle. Radio went dead afterwards. I can’t reach anyone now, I think they’re dead. I’m not hanging around to find out, though. Deadline’s almost up.

I found the research report lying in a pool of blood where I last saw the captain. Decided it was worth taking with me, might be useful for working out what the hell happened.

Entry #7 – Mission Time +2.75 hours

I can’t get out. There’s a weird liquid wall blocking the exit. It looks a bit like metal but it moves like water, it’s pretty eerie. I don’t know how thick it is, maybe I can break through it. Can’t be worse than sitting here and getting blown up, or letting whatever killed my squad get me, right?

Entry #8 – Mission Time +3.00 [DEADLINE]

The barrier wasn’t thick at all, managed to push through with ease. Of course now I’m covered in the damn stuff. Can’t seem to get it to come off, but I’ll worry about that later.

The bombers have totally annihilated the facility. Still don’t know what happened in there, but then again, maybe I don’t want to. So long as it’s over I’m happy. They were well-armed down there, though. If they couldn’t stop it with all their tech I’m not sure how effective those bombs will be. Probably better not to dwell on that.

Day 5

Day 5:

Y Team Specialist arrived at 1:00am. Further suggestions were made to administer The Serum but were denied. Y Team Representative and Specialist conferred privately for an hour.

Contagion Alert: Yellow enacted at 1:43am. Subject 12’s tendril cocoon managed to pierce the chamber floor, penetrating into storeroom 12-B. Evacuation procedure was successful, contamination minimal. A member of the research team suggested a possible modification which could be made to the termination system. Modification was authorised. Technical team were supplied with The Serum despite objections from Y Team.

Y Team ceased their conversation at 2:04am. It had been decided that, should the modifications fail, Y Team Specialist would terminate surplus subjects by hand. Research team opposed this course of action.

Subject 1 entered a catatonic state at 2:17am, closely followed by Subjects 11 and 14. Subject 3 approached subject 14 despite advice from subject 13. Subject 14 awoke with a start, catching subject 3 off-guard. Hundreds of tendrils formed around the arm of subject 14. The tendrils appeared different to the previous specimens, sleek and silver. They encased subject 14’s left arm and hand, forming a serrated blade. Subject 14 decapitated subject 3 with a single, swift movement before returning to a catatonic state.

Contagion Alert: Red enacted at 3:28am. Tendrils from subject 12 had reached the doors of storeroom 12-B. Countermeasures proved futile. On-site security were called, further Y Team assistance requested.

Request for increased Y Team presence was rejected at 3:41am. Reason given: Requisition Unnecessary.

Contagion Alert: Treble-Red enacted at 4:00am. Tendrils had begun to penetrate doors of storeroom 12-B. Security given weapons-free status.

Modifications to termination system were completed at 4:18am. Subjects 1, 11 and 14 surfaced from their catatonic state. Subjects 11 and 14 began to advance on subject 13. Order was given to terminate surplus subjects. Termination of subject 12 was successful. Termination subjects 11 and 14 were unsuccessful though subjects appeared dazed.

Y Team Specialist entered the Chamber at 5:00am. Termination of subjects 11 and 14 achieved with skilful alacrity. Attempts to withdraw Y Team Specialist proved futile, subject 1 appeared to block the retrieval efforts with invisible barriers. Y Team Representative cancelled retrieval efforts at 5:13am.

Y Team Specialist crushed to death by subject 1 at 5:22am.

Second request for further Y Team Support denied stating previous reason. Request to administer The Serum denied again. No reason given.

Y Team Representative relieved of power at 5:57am by research team and chief of security. The Serum was delivered to the chamber at 6:00am. Subject 13, at the urgings of the research team, imbibed The Serum.

The Serum began to take effect at 6:03am. Subject 13 began to shimmer gently before they started to ripple like a lake. Subject 13 faded from sight with the exception of their eyes which shone gold. Subject 13 faded back into view at 6:05am, their body covered in gleaming liquid metal. Subject 13 advanced on subject 1.

Subject 13’s metal body quivered, dripping from their body to the floor and forming into a large broadsword. Subject 13 grasped the sword as they advanced on subject 1. Y Team Representative attempted escape at this time, managing to activate the termination system. Termination system proved ineffective on either subject.

Subject 13 displaced subject 1’s invisible barriers as they approached, releasing minor energy shock waves. Subject 1 seemed to adapt to this strategy. Instruments indicated subject 1 began to focus a large amount of energy. Subject 13 marched on untouched, sword in hand.

Subject 1 built up a dangerously high amount of energy. Calculations dictate that release of such energy could cause the destruction of the facility.

Contagion Alert: Exodus enacted at 6:07am. Facility-wide evacuation announced. Observation of subjects terminated.


[Underneath the neatly typed report is a note, hurriedly scribbled with pencil onto the page.]

I’m trapped. The evacuation was a failure. The doors won’t open, I think they’re jammed by this black moss. I can hear the sounds of fighting from the chamber but I can’t see what’s going on. We closed the blast doors to try and contain the explosion but I don’t know how much good its going to do. The energy just keep on building, there’s no way to stop it and we can’t get out. I sent Michael to try and find a radio to call for help. Those Y Team bastards knew this was going to happen but left us to die. If we get out of this I’m going to kill them, every last one. The Y Team guy here said something about the coming of the Third Scion. I don’t understand what’s going on, I just hope that this note isn’t the last thing I ever do. I don’t want to die underground in a concrete pit. I…

[The rest of the note is obscured by blood.]

Day 4

Day 4:

Cameras came back on-line at 1:00am. Subjects had seemingly remained stationary the entire time however, on closer examination, subject 1’s right eye had become completely red, in much the same way their left eye did on day 3.

Subjects 11 and 14 had developed an unusual paleness during the interval. A strange, dark, web-like phenomenon seemed to be forming under their skin and their eyes had taken on a yellow tint. Subject 1 had a hand reaching toward the backs of subject 11 and subject 14.

Subjects 13, 12 and 3 seemed wary of the other subjects, discussing possible attack strategies. Subjects 12 and 3 suggested inferior strategies, bordering on incompetent, with only subject 13’s strategies holding any potential merit.

Subjects remained stationary for the next few hours.

Y Team representative arrived in the observation booth at 6:30am, delivering The Serum.

Subjects 11 and 14 began to violently convulse at 7:30am. Convulsions lasted 2 minutes. Once both subjects had composed themselves it was apparent that the web-like phenomenon had spread further into their bodies. Tendrils were protruding from the cheeks and chin, slowly wrapping around the face. Both subjects’ eyes were turning black.

Subject 1 began chanting in Kraic again at 7:58am. Y Team representative was able to translate certain phrases: “The Crimson Oceans of the Third Scion require replenishment”. Y Team representative departed observation booth at 8:03am to research Kraic lore.

Subject 13 attempted to approach subject 1 at 8:30am. Subjects 11 and 14 moved to intercept but were attacked by subjects 12 and 3. A brief scuffle ensued, resulting in minor injuries to subjects 12 and 13, subject 3 receiving a broken arm. Subjects 11 and 14 were unharmed. Interestingly, as subjects 11 and 14 moved to intercept subject 13 subject 1 moved their arms in synchrony as though subjects 11 and 14 were puppets.

Subjects 13, 12 and 3 withdrew to their corner of the room until midday when they ventured closer to the centre to acquire food.

Tendrils growing from subjects 11 and 14 fully encased their heads at 13:36pm. Subjects 11 and 14 seemed to be in no distress. Only visible part of head left are the eyes, now a dark black in colour. Tendrils have begun to envelop the bodies.

At 14:00pm it was observed that Subject 1 had become gaunt. Their pupils had dilated completely, leaving dark holes centred in their blood red eyes. One researcher noted that there seemed to be something inside subject 1’s eyes. They described it as “considerably distracting”. Researchers were ordered not to look into subject 1’s eyes.

Subject 12 experienced a temporary breakdown at 16:12pm, attributed to the continued chanting of subject 1. Subject 12 charged at subject 1, intent on silencing them. Subjects 3 and 13 attempted to intervene but were unsuccessful. Subject 14 seized subject 12 by the throat. Dark tendrils, similar to those encapsulating subject 14’s head, burst from their knuckles and slowly wriggled up the side of subject 12’s head. Subjects 13 and 3 attempted to intervene again but were unable to get close, stopped by what seemed to be an invisible wall.

The tendrils entered subject 12’s ears and detached from subject 14’s arm. Subject 12 began to convulse and a steady stream of blood began to pump from their eyes. Subjects 13 and 3 were deeply affected by this sight.

Y Team representative returned at 16:35pm, accompanied by 4 other members of Y Team. Requests to administer The Serum to subject 13 were overruled by Y Team representative on the basis of excess variables. Recommendation to terminate all unnecessary subjects (3, 11, 13 and 14) was vetoed by Administration.

Subject 12 declared dead at 16:40pm. Tendrils burst from their face, ripping in in half. Tendrils continued to envelop the body, making retrieval impossible.

Declaration of subject 12’s death rescinded at 17:09pm. Tendrils had completely enveloped the head and neck of subject 12 by this point. Subject 12 rejoined subject 3 and 13. Subject 13 seemed especially wary of subject 12.

Subject 1 shrieked loudly at 18:59pm. Observation discovered the cause of this was the pain caused by the reshaping of subject 1’s teeth. Every tooth owned by subject 1 had been reshaped into a serrated fang.

Cameras were offline from 19:00pm until 22:48pm.

Camera reactivation revealed subject 12 completely encased by tendrils, rooted heavily to the floor of the chamber. Tendrils were beginning to crack chamber floor. Subjects 13 and 3 were attempting to extract subject 12 from within the tendrils. Subjects 1, 11 and 14 observed from a distance.

Y Team representative ordered the termination of subject 12 as a potential containment failure at 23:05pm. Termination proved ineffective. Y Team specialist requested. Continued requests to administer The Serum were denied.

A facsimile of subject 12’s head emerged from the tendril cocoon at 23:42pm. Subjects 3 and 13 attempted to make contact but were ignored. Subject 11 moved closer but was repelled by the cocoon. Subject 1 seemed to be surprised momentarily. The head returned to the cocoon at 23:43pm.

End of Day 4

Number of subjects remaining: 6

Subjects terminated: 12 (briefly)

Additional notes: The appearance of tendrils creates the potential for a containment failure. Y Team refuse to allow The Serum to be administered until only subjects 1 and 13 are left. Inability to terminate subject 12 indicates that this directive may need readjustment if an alternative termination method cannot be found.

Day 3

Day 3:

Subject 1 got little sleep during the night. They displayed unusual behaviour during the night, clawing at their eyes and muttering incoherently for hours. The behaviour ceased at 6:00am when subject 1 awoke suddenly. Subject 1 subsequently patrolled the chamber for one hour, studying the other subjects intently. Shortly before the other subjects were woken subject 1 began clawing at their eyes again. When the clawing ceased subject 1 had grossly bloodshot eyes.

Remaining subjects were woken at 7:00 am. Subject 1 withdrew from them and watched from a distance. Subject 1 was displaying behaviour more similar to an animal than a human. Y Team were informed at 7:12am.

Subject 12 approached subject 1 at 8:00am. Subject 12 became scared when subject 1 began chanting in Kraic. Subjects grew more wary of subject 1 as a result, ignoring them for the remainder of the day.

Subject 13 engaged subjects 12, 6 and 3 in conversation at 11:18am. They discussed subject 1 at length. Subject 13 raised the possibility of murdering subject 1 should the need arise. Subjects 3, 6 and 12 were revolted by the idea.

Subjects 11 and 14 have split off from the other subjects, maintaining little in the way of contact other than the occasional accusation. They overheard the conversation between subjects 2, 6, 12 and 13, and took up sentry duty around subject 1. Subject 13 took note of this action, referring to subjects 11 and 14 as “Thralls”.

An empty canister of Compound 784-X was delivered to the group at 12:40pm. The group ignored it, clearly having learned from yesterday. The canister was withdrawn at 13:00pm.

Subject 1 entered into a trance at 13:11pm. Subjects 3 and 12 became overly spooked by this. Subject 6 attempted to silence subject 1 to appease subjects 3 and 12. Subjects 11 and 14 seized subject 6 and quickly snapped his neck. Subject 13 attempted to intervene but seemed unable to reach them.

Body of subject 6 removed at 13:15pm.

Subjects 3, 12 and 13 took up residence on the far side of the room opposite subjects 1, 11 and 14. The white of subject 1’s left eye became completely red at 14.08pm. Subject 13 approached subject 1 at this time. Subjects 11 and 14 intervened, keeping subject 13 at a distance. Subject 13 was repelled without incident.

Food was delivered to the chamber at 16:00pm. Subjects declined to eat.

Little of note occurred until 21:37pm. Subjects 11 and 3 collapsed suddenly. Subject 1 began chanting again, louder this time. Subject 12 rushed to tend to subject 3. Subject 13 locked their eyes on subject 1. Subject 14 moved to block subject 1’s line of sight but subject 1 continued to stare as though looking straight through subject 14.

All cameras went down at 22:59pm. Efforts to restore visuals were unsuccessful until after midnight.

End of day 3

Number of subjects remaining: 6

Subject terminated: 6

Additional notes: Y Team suggest bringing the deadline forward in reaction to subject 1. Subject 13 has been accepted at the most tenable subject.

Day 2

Day 2:

Subjects were forcibly awoken at 7:00am. They were overly lethargic and slow to react, likely due to an unintentional overdose of sedative administered by an inept intern during the night. This may have played a significant part in lengthening the time it took for them to notice the absence of subject 11.

Subject 11 was discovered absent at 7:20am, subject 3 bringing it to the attention of the other subjects. All the subjects were overly angry at this news, more so than they had been for the previous terminations. This was puzzling.

Subjects grew violent at 7:29am, hurling what furniture they could at the walls and viewing ports. It was decided that enough data had been acquired from this specific test. Subject 11 was returned to the chamber, unconscious. The sedative wore off reasonably quickly and subject 11 awoke without incident. This seemed to calm down the group and subject 13 requested they return the furniture to its rightful place. Subjects 3 and 6 objected briefly, but were talked down by subjects 12 and 13, the others choosing to ignore the debate. This is disappointing.

Subject 10, at the apparent urging of subject 6, approached subject 13 at 8:47am. They began to argue. Subject 13 was unreceptive to subject 10’s viewpoint and became visibly frustrated. Subject 13 punched subject 10 firmly in the face, knocking them unconscious. The remaining members of the group leapt upon subject 13 in an effort to restrain them. Initially they were unsuccessful, giving subject 13 time to deliver a few kicks to the downed subject 10 before being pulled away.

Subject 10 removed for medical attention at 8:49am.

Subject 10 declared dead at 8:50am.

Subjects were informed of subject 10’s demise at 10:00am. Subject 6 reacted with violence towards subject 13 but was quickly restrained by the group. Subject 13 seemed distant during the encounter. Promising.

At midday food was distributed to subjects. A certain proportion of the food was dosed with Compound 784-X. Subjects were not informed. Subjects 1, 3, 6, 12 and 13 consumed the dosed meals. No side-effects were recorded.

Subject 1 displayed limited telekinetic ability at 13:07pm. This was unexpected. Lock-down protocol was enacted. Subjects were sedated. Subject 1 was removed for further testing at 13:09pm. Remaining subjects awoke at 13:11pm.

Subject reaction was as belligerent as expected. Subjects received mild discipline until calm. Subjects 12 and 13 were silent during the administration of the discipline, whilst subject 6 whimpered gently. Other subjects were highly vocal.

Test canister was delivered to the chamber at 17:00pm. Canister was clearly marked “DANGER: DO NOT OPEN”. Subjects studied the canister for a number of hours. There were a series of debates on whether to open the canister or not.

Subjects 2, 3, 6, 7 and 9 opened the canister at 21:00pm. Subjects 2, 7, 8 and 9 terminated as punishment. Remaining subjects reacted with revulsion. Subject 13 remains unmoved.

Subject 1 returned to chamber at 21:50pm suitably restrained. Subject 12 seemed distressed at subject 1’s appearance upon returning.

Subjects were sedated for the night at 22:01pm. Subject 1 showed remarkable resilience to the sedative, as did subjects 6 and 13. Further dosage was required to sedate these subjects, although subject one remained highly resistant. Sedation policy was suspended on subject 1 at 23:12pm.

End of day 2

Subjects remaining: 7

Subjects terminated: 2, 7, 8, 9, 10

Additional Notes: Subject 13 continues to show promise. Subject 1’s unique reaction to Compound 784-X is worth further observation and study. Subjects 6 and 12 may have potential.

Day 1

Day 1:

Subjects 1-15 were placed throughout the chamber equidistant from each other. They were roused at the same moment and observed throughout the day.

Subjects 2,5,7 and 9 displayed some knowledge of their acquisition for the testing. Recommend that the resources department consider re-evaluating their acquisition method, any prior knowledge could invalidate the results of the testing. Fortunately the damage is minimal in this case. The subjects know very little, certainly not enough to compromise the results.

There was a series of unusual actions from subject 15 at roughly midday. The subject began to breathe heavily and claw at its skin. This would appear to indicate a prior medical condition that we were not aware of. It was decided that this discovery could compromise the testing and, therefore, subject 15 should be terminated. The action was carried out at 12:05pm.

The remaining subjects seemed displeased with this course of action. Several of them (subjects 1-3, 5 and 13) attempted to persuade the others to take part in an ill-designed coup attempt. These subjects were disciplined. Subject 13 responded to the discipline in an interesting manner, becoming more resolute and vocal in their dislike of the situation. Advise that subject 13 be given extra observation.

Also of note: the relationship between subjects 4 and 5. While they did not remember their acquisition it would appear that the resources department have become lazy and/or inept as these subjects were married. This is unacceptable and potentially very damaging to the testing. Subjects 4 and 5 were terminated at 13:42pm. Recommend the acquisitions agent responsible be effectively disciplined.

Little of note happened after that, the remaining subjects believing that subjects 4 and 5 were terminated as punishment for considering a coup. Subject 13 remained silent for most of the afternoon following their discipline. Subject 12 attempted to comfort them a number of times but was forcibly discouraged from doing so by subject 13. When subject 12 refused to do as ordered subject 13 grew aggressive, striking subject 12 and knocking them to the ground. The other subjects intervened to protect subject 12.

The subjects were presented with their new clothing at 19:00pm. Subject 6 appears to be a comedian, declaring “I am not a number, I am a free man!” upon receipt of their new, individually numbered, jumpsuit. Subject 6 was mildly disciplined. It did little to quell his comedic talent. Interesting.

The lights were deactivated at 22:01pm and beds were provided. The subjects seemed wary at first and refused to get into them. Subject 13 did an excellent job of persuading them that it was unlikely the beds would be harmful. Interesting logical argument used. As a result the subjects were asleep by 23:00pm.

At 23:45pm subject 11 was removed to explore the reaction when the remaining subjects are awoken.

End of Day 1

Subjects remaining: 12

Subjects terminated: 4, 5 and 15

Additional Notes: The largest number to survive the first day since the beginning of the testing procedure. The dynamic between subject 13 and the rest may have something to do with this. More observation is needed.