Day 5

Day 5:

Y Team Specialist arrived at 1:00am. Further suggestions were made to administer The Serum but were denied. Y Team Representative and Specialist conferred privately for an hour.

Contagion Alert: Yellow enacted at 1:43am. Subject 12’s tendril cocoon managed to pierce the chamber floor, penetrating into storeroom 12-B. Evacuation procedure was successful, contamination minimal. A member of the research team suggested a possible modification which could be made to the termination system. Modification was authorised. Technical team were supplied with The Serum despite objections from Y Team.

Y Team ceased their conversation at 2:04am. It had been decided that, should the modifications fail, Y Team Specialist would terminate surplus subjects by hand. Research team opposed this course of action.

Subject 1 entered a catatonic state at 2:17am, closely followed by Subjects 11 and 14. Subject 3 approached subject 14 despite advice from subject 13. Subject 14 awoke with a start, catching subject 3 off-guard. Hundreds of tendrils formed around the arm of subject 14. The tendrils appeared different to the previous specimens, sleek and silver. They encased subject 14’s left arm and hand, forming a serrated blade. Subject 14 decapitated subject 3 with a single, swift movement before returning to a catatonic state.

Contagion Alert: Red enacted at 3:28am. Tendrils from subject 12 had reached the doors of storeroom 12-B. Countermeasures proved futile. On-site security were called, further Y Team assistance requested.

Request for increased Y Team presence was rejected at 3:41am. Reason given: Requisition Unnecessary.

Contagion Alert: Treble-Red enacted at 4:00am. Tendrils had begun to penetrate doors of storeroom 12-B. Security given weapons-free status.

Modifications to termination system were completed at 4:18am. Subjects 1, 11 and 14 surfaced from their catatonic state. Subjects 11 and 14 began to advance on subject 13. Order was given to terminate surplus subjects. Termination of subject 12 was successful. Termination subjects 11 and 14 were unsuccessful though subjects appeared dazed.

Y Team Specialist entered the Chamber at 5:00am. Termination of subjects 11 and 14 achieved with skilful alacrity. Attempts to withdraw Y Team Specialist proved futile, subject 1 appeared to block the retrieval efforts with invisible barriers. Y Team Representative cancelled retrieval efforts at 5:13am.

Y Team Specialist crushed to death by subject 1 at 5:22am.

Second request for further Y Team Support denied stating previous reason. Request to administer The Serum denied again. No reason given.

Y Team Representative relieved of power at 5:57am by research team and chief of security. The Serum was delivered to the chamber at 6:00am. Subject 13, at the urgings of the research team, imbibed The Serum.

The Serum began to take effect at 6:03am. Subject 13 began to shimmer gently before they started to ripple like a lake. Subject 13 faded from sight with the exception of their eyes which shone gold. Subject 13 faded back into view at 6:05am, their body covered in gleaming liquid metal. Subject 13 advanced on subject 1.

Subject 13’s metal body quivered, dripping from their body to the floor and forming into a large broadsword. Subject 13 grasped the sword as they advanced on subject 1. Y Team Representative attempted escape at this time, managing to activate the termination system. Termination system proved ineffective on either subject.

Subject 13 displaced subject 1’s invisible barriers as they approached, releasing minor energy shock waves. Subject 1 seemed to adapt to this strategy. Instruments indicated subject 1 began to focus a large amount of energy. Subject 13 marched on untouched, sword in hand.

Subject 1 built up a dangerously high amount of energy. Calculations dictate that release of such energy could cause the destruction of the facility.

Contagion Alert: Exodus enacted at 6:07am. Facility-wide evacuation announced. Observation of subjects terminated.


[Underneath the neatly typed report is a note, hurriedly scribbled with pencil onto the page.]

I’m trapped. The evacuation was a failure. The doors won’t open, I think they’re jammed by this black moss. I can hear the sounds of fighting from the chamber but I can’t see what’s going on. We closed the blast doors to try and contain the explosion but I don’t know how much good its going to do. The energy just keep on building, there’s no way to stop it and we can’t get out. I sent Michael to try and find a radio to call for help. Those Y Team bastards knew this was going to happen but left us to die. If we get out of this I’m going to kill them, every last one. The Y Team guy here said something about the coming of the Third Scion. I don’t understand what’s going on, I just hope that this note isn’t the last thing I ever do. I don’t want to die underground in a concrete pit. I…

[The rest of the note is obscured by blood.]


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