Day 1

Day 1:

Subjects 1-15 were placed throughout the chamber equidistant from each other. They were roused at the same moment and observed throughout the day.

Subjects 2,5,7 and 9 displayed some knowledge of their acquisition for the testing. Recommend that the resources department consider re-evaluating their acquisition method, any prior knowledge could invalidate the results of the testing. Fortunately the damage is minimal in this case. The subjects know very little, certainly not enough to compromise the results.

There was a series of unusual actions from subject 15 at roughly midday. The subject began to breathe heavily and claw at its skin. This would appear to indicate a prior medical condition that we were not aware of. It was decided that this discovery could compromise the testing and, therefore, subject 15 should be terminated. The action was carried out at 12:05pm.

The remaining subjects seemed displeased with this course of action. Several of them (subjects 1-3, 5 and 13) attempted to persuade the others to take part in an ill-designed coup attempt. These subjects were disciplined. Subject 13 responded to the discipline in an interesting manner, becoming more resolute and vocal in their dislike of the situation. Advise that subject 13 be given extra observation.

Also of note: the relationship between subjects 4 and 5. While they did not remember their acquisition it would appear that the resources department have become lazy and/or inept as these subjects were married. This is unacceptable and potentially very damaging to the testing. Subjects 4 and 5 were terminated at 13:42pm. Recommend the acquisitions agent responsible be effectively disciplined.

Little of note happened after that, the remaining subjects believing that subjects 4 and 5 were terminated as punishment for considering a coup. Subject 13 remained silent for most of the afternoon following their discipline. Subject 12 attempted to comfort them a number of times but was forcibly discouraged from doing so by subject 13. When subject 12 refused to do as ordered subject 13 grew aggressive, striking subject 12 and knocking them to the ground. The other subjects intervened to protect subject 12.

The subjects were presented with their new clothing at 19:00pm. Subject 6 appears to be a comedian, declaring “I am not a number, I am a free man!” upon receipt of their new, individually numbered, jumpsuit. Subject 6 was mildly disciplined. It did little to quell his comedic talent. Interesting.

The lights were deactivated at 22:01pm and beds were provided. The subjects seemed wary at first and refused to get into them. Subject 13 did an excellent job of persuading them that it was unlikely the beds would be harmful. Interesting logical argument used. As a result the subjects were asleep by 23:00pm.

At 23:45pm subject 11 was removed to explore the reaction when the remaining subjects are awoken.

End of Day 1

Subjects remaining: 12

Subjects terminated: 4, 5 and 15

Additional Notes: The largest number to survive the first day since the beginning of the testing procedure. The dynamic between subject 13 and the rest may have something to do with this. More observation is needed.


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