Day 2

Day 2:

Subjects were forcibly awoken at 7:00am. They were overly lethargic and slow to react, likely due to an unintentional overdose of sedative administered by an inept intern during the night. This may have played a significant part in lengthening the time it took for them to notice the absence of subject 11.

Subject 11 was discovered absent at 7:20am, subject 3 bringing it to the attention of the other subjects. All the subjects were overly angry at this news, more so than they had been for the previous terminations. This was puzzling.

Subjects grew violent at 7:29am, hurling what furniture they could at the walls and viewing ports. It was decided that enough data had been acquired from this specific test. Subject 11 was returned to the chamber, unconscious. The sedative wore off reasonably quickly and subject 11 awoke without incident. This seemed to calm down the group and subject 13 requested they return the furniture to its rightful place. Subjects 3 and 6 objected briefly, but were talked down by subjects 12 and 13, the others choosing to ignore the debate. This is disappointing.

Subject 10, at the apparent urging of subject 6, approached subject 13 at 8:47am. They began to argue. Subject 13 was unreceptive to subject 10’s viewpoint and became visibly frustrated. Subject 13 punched subject 10 firmly in the face, knocking them unconscious. The remaining members of the group leapt upon subject 13 in an effort to restrain them. Initially they were unsuccessful, giving subject 13 time to deliver a few kicks to the downed subject 10 before being pulled away.

Subject 10 removed for medical attention at 8:49am.

Subject 10 declared dead at 8:50am.

Subjects were informed of subject 10’s demise at 10:00am. Subject 6 reacted with violence towards subject 13 but was quickly restrained by the group. Subject 13 seemed distant during the encounter. Promising.

At midday food was distributed to subjects. A certain proportion of the food was dosed with Compound 784-X. Subjects were not informed. Subjects 1, 3, 6, 12 and 13 consumed the dosed meals. No side-effects were recorded.

Subject 1 displayed limited telekinetic ability at 13:07pm. This was unexpected. Lock-down protocol was enacted. Subjects were sedated. Subject 1 was removed for further testing at 13:09pm. Remaining subjects awoke at 13:11pm.

Subject reaction was as belligerent as expected. Subjects received mild discipline until calm. Subjects 12 and 13 were silent during the administration of the discipline, whilst subject 6 whimpered gently. Other subjects were highly vocal.

Test canister was delivered to the chamber at 17:00pm. Canister was clearly marked “DANGER: DO NOT OPEN”. Subjects studied the canister for a number of hours. There were a series of debates on whether to open the canister or not.

Subjects 2, 3, 6, 7 and 9 opened the canister at 21:00pm. Subjects 2, 7, 8 and 9 terminated as punishment. Remaining subjects reacted with revulsion. Subject 13 remains unmoved.

Subject 1 returned to chamber at 21:50pm suitably restrained. Subject 12 seemed distressed at subject 1’s appearance upon returning.

Subjects were sedated for the night at 22:01pm. Subject 1 showed remarkable resilience to the sedative, as did subjects 6 and 13. Further dosage was required to sedate these subjects, although subject one remained highly resistant. Sedation policy was suspended on subject 1 at 23:12pm.

End of day 2

Subjects remaining: 7

Subjects terminated: 2, 7, 8, 9, 10

Additional Notes: Subject 13 continues to show promise. Subject 1’s unique reaction to Compound 784-X is worth further observation and study. Subjects 6 and 12 may have potential.


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