Day 3

Day 3:

Subject 1 got little sleep during the night. They displayed unusual behaviour during the night, clawing at their eyes and muttering incoherently for hours. The behaviour ceased at 6:00am when subject 1 awoke suddenly. Subject 1 subsequently patrolled the chamber for one hour, studying the other subjects intently. Shortly before the other subjects were woken subject 1 began clawing at their eyes again. When the clawing ceased subject 1 had grossly bloodshot eyes.

Remaining subjects were woken at 7:00 am. Subject 1 withdrew from them and watched from a distance. Subject 1 was displaying behaviour more similar to an animal than a human. Y Team were informed at 7:12am.

Subject 12 approached subject 1 at 8:00am. Subject 12 became scared when subject 1 began chanting in Kraic. Subjects grew more wary of subject 1 as a result, ignoring them for the remainder of the day.

Subject 13 engaged subjects 12, 6 and 3 in conversation at 11:18am. They discussed subject 1 at length. Subject 13 raised the possibility of murdering subject 1 should the need arise. Subjects 3, 6 and 12 were revolted by the idea.

Subjects 11 and 14 have split off from the other subjects, maintaining little in the way of contact other than the occasional accusation. They overheard the conversation between subjects 2, 6, 12 and 13, and took up sentry duty around subject 1. Subject 13 took note of this action, referring to subjects 11 and 14 as “Thralls”.

An empty canister of Compound 784-X was delivered to the group at 12:40pm. The group ignored it, clearly having learned from yesterday. The canister was withdrawn at 13:00pm.

Subject 1 entered into a trance at 13:11pm. Subjects 3 and 12 became overly spooked by this. Subject 6 attempted to silence subject 1 to appease subjects 3 and 12. Subjects 11 and 14 seized subject 6 and quickly snapped his neck. Subject 13 attempted to intervene but seemed unable to reach them.

Body of subject 6 removed at 13:15pm.

Subjects 3, 12 and 13 took up residence on the far side of the room opposite subjects 1, 11 and 14. The white of subject 1’s left eye became completely red at 14.08pm. Subject 13 approached subject 1 at this time. Subjects 11 and 14 intervened, keeping subject 13 at a distance. Subject 13 was repelled without incident.

Food was delivered to the chamber at 16:00pm. Subjects declined to eat.

Little of note occurred until 21:37pm. Subjects 11 and 3 collapsed suddenly. Subject 1 began chanting again, louder this time. Subject 12 rushed to tend to subject 3. Subject 13 locked their eyes on subject 1. Subject 14 moved to block subject 1’s line of sight but subject 1 continued to stare as though looking straight through subject 14.

All cameras went down at 22:59pm. Efforts to restore visuals were unsuccessful until after midnight.

End of day 3

Number of subjects remaining: 6

Subject terminated: 6

Additional notes: Y Team suggest bringing the deadline forward in reaction to subject 1. Subject 13 has been accepted at the most tenable subject.


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