Day 4

Day 4:

Cameras came back on-line at 1:00am. Subjects had seemingly remained stationary the entire time however, on closer examination, subject 1’s right eye had become completely red, in much the same way their left eye did on day 3.

Subjects 11 and 14 had developed an unusual paleness during the interval. A strange, dark, web-like phenomenon seemed to be forming under their skin and their eyes had taken on a yellow tint. Subject 1 had a hand reaching toward the backs of subject 11 and subject 14.

Subjects 13, 12 and 3 seemed wary of the other subjects, discussing possible attack strategies. Subjects 12 and 3 suggested inferior strategies, bordering on incompetent, with only subject 13’s strategies holding any potential merit.

Subjects remained stationary for the next few hours.

Y Team representative arrived in the observation booth at 6:30am, delivering The Serum.

Subjects 11 and 14 began to violently convulse at 7:30am. Convulsions lasted 2 minutes. Once both subjects had composed themselves it was apparent that the web-like phenomenon had spread further into their bodies. Tendrils were protruding from the cheeks and chin, slowly wrapping around the face. Both subjects’ eyes were turning black.

Subject 1 began chanting in Kraic again at 7:58am. Y Team representative was able to translate certain phrases: “The Crimson Oceans of the Third Scion require replenishment”. Y Team representative departed observation booth at 8:03am to research Kraic lore.

Subject 13 attempted to approach subject 1 at 8:30am. Subjects 11 and 14 moved to intercept but were attacked by subjects 12 and 3. A brief scuffle ensued, resulting in minor injuries to subjects 12 and 13, subject 3 receiving a broken arm. Subjects 11 and 14 were unharmed. Interestingly, as subjects 11 and 14 moved to intercept subject 13 subject 1 moved their arms in synchrony as though subjects 11 and 14 were puppets.

Subjects 13, 12 and 3 withdrew to their corner of the room until midday when they ventured closer to the centre to acquire food.

Tendrils growing from subjects 11 and 14 fully encased their heads at 13:36pm. Subjects 11 and 14 seemed to be in no distress. Only visible part of head left are the eyes, now a dark black in colour. Tendrils have begun to envelop the bodies.

At 14:00pm it was observed that Subject 1 had become gaunt. Their pupils had dilated completely, leaving dark holes centred in their blood red eyes. One researcher noted that there seemed to be something inside subject 1’s eyes. They described it as “considerably distracting”. Researchers were ordered not to look into subject 1’s eyes.

Subject 12 experienced a temporary breakdown at 16:12pm, attributed to the continued chanting of subject 1. Subject 12 charged at subject 1, intent on silencing them. Subjects 3 and 13 attempted to intervene but were unsuccessful. Subject 14 seized subject 12 by the throat. Dark tendrils, similar to those encapsulating subject 14’s head, burst from their knuckles and slowly wriggled up the side of subject 12’s head. Subjects 13 and 3 attempted to intervene again but were unable to get close, stopped by what seemed to be an invisible wall.

The tendrils entered subject 12’s ears and detached from subject 14’s arm. Subject 12 began to convulse and a steady stream of blood began to pump from their eyes. Subjects 13 and 3 were deeply affected by this sight.

Y Team representative returned at 16:35pm, accompanied by 4 other members of Y Team. Requests to administer The Serum to subject 13 were overruled by Y Team representative on the basis of excess variables. Recommendation to terminate all unnecessary subjects (3, 11, 13 and 14) was vetoed by Administration.

Subject 12 declared dead at 16:40pm. Tendrils burst from their face, ripping in in half. Tendrils continued to envelop the body, making retrieval impossible.

Declaration of subject 12’s death rescinded at 17:09pm. Tendrils had completely enveloped the head and neck of subject 12 by this point. Subject 12 rejoined subject 3 and 13. Subject 13 seemed especially wary of subject 12.

Subject 1 shrieked loudly at 18:59pm. Observation discovered the cause of this was the pain caused by the reshaping of subject 1’s teeth. Every tooth owned by subject 1 had been reshaped into a serrated fang.

Cameras were offline from 19:00pm until 22:48pm.

Camera reactivation revealed subject 12 completely encased by tendrils, rooted heavily to the floor of the chamber. Tendrils were beginning to crack chamber floor. Subjects 13 and 3 were attempting to extract subject 12 from within the tendrils. Subjects 1, 11 and 14 observed from a distance.

Y Team representative ordered the termination of subject 12 as a potential containment failure at 23:05pm. Termination proved ineffective. Y Team specialist requested. Continued requests to administer The Serum were denied.

A facsimile of subject 12’s head emerged from the tendril cocoon at 23:42pm. Subjects 3 and 13 attempted to make contact but were ignored. Subject 11 moved closer but was repelled by the cocoon. Subject 1 seemed to be surprised momentarily. The head returned to the cocoon at 23:43pm.

End of Day 4

Number of subjects remaining: 6

Subjects terminated: 12 (briefly)

Additional notes: The appearance of tendrils creates the potential for a containment failure. Y Team refuse to allow The Serum to be administered until only subjects 1 and 13 are left. Inability to terminate subject 12 indicates that this directive may need readjustment if an alternative termination method cannot be found.


3 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. Unfortunately I don’t know any decent artists, which is really annoying! I’d like to see this is images too, although I already know what it looks like, seeing it all illustrated would be quite cool.

  2. An ex of mine was an artist.

    One of those modern kinds. Spent a lot of her time in paddling pools covered with latex. Doubt she’d be much use.

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